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USA Rainsong DR1000 graphite dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar with hsc

USA Rainsong DR1000 graphite dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar with hsc
USA Rainsong DR1000 graphite dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar with hsc

USA Rainsong DR1000 graphite dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar with hsc
This is an amazing instrument but I have my eye on a custom carbon fiber build so my Rainsong dreadnought a/e needs a new home. These instruments are far more durable than traditional guitars and they are not effected by temperature or humidity!

It won't warp, bow, or crack due to environmental extremes. You do not need to use a humidifier for this guitar and it could even get wet if you get caught out in the rain or snow, join a campfire jam, take it on a boating trip, or play at the beach etc. This guitar can survive things that would destroy a wooden instrument no matter it's price and plays great/sounds great on top of that!

Includes hard case as well as a few various odds and ends I'll toss in the case compartment;like guitar picks because hey, you can never have enough of them around! All-carbon construction provides more subtle overtones, warmer mids, and phenomenal stability.

With a large, deep body and wide waist, it has the powerful bass and ringing treble of a great rhythm guitar, but still maintains a wonderfully-balanced. Sound, with clear definition between notes.

Cuts through admirably in any acoustic setting. It's loud enough to compete with banjos, mandolins, and other. RainSongs are the only all-graphite acoustic guitars in the world. Body, neck, fretboard, and bridge are all made out of pure graphite.

All-graphite construction and Projection Tuned Layering mean great sound. Projection Tuned Layering was developed by RainSong to ensure that all RainSongs. Have the crystal detail, warmth, and volume of the classic carbon sound.

In conventional guitars, acoustic volume is limited by the weight of bracing. Also, bracing provides only local, non-uniform stiffness, resulting in varying amounts of undesirable overtones and some deadening of tone and detail. RainSong's all-graphite construction and Projection Tuned Layering remove the need for bracing by providing uniform stiffness across the soundboard.

Are made entirely without braces for greater acoustic volume and clean, detailed tone. Pure carbon tone is an utterly unique sound. It is clear, rich, and resonant, similar to a piano, with a treble that rings with crystalline clarity and. A bass that is warm without being muddy.

And, because of the uniform stiffness of the tops, the RainSong acoustic sound is impeccably balanced and very. Once you have heard the classic carbon sound you'll recognize it anywhere. Performance Shape-Cast necks are thin and easy to play. Their unique design features a feel that is at once comfortable and different. Casting, a process invented by RainSong, allows necks and fretboards to be cast simultaneously as a single graphite matrix.

That are unheard of with more conventional neck shaping methods. Performance Shape Casting also allows fret slots to be cast in place for flawless intonation. Additionally, RainSong necks are pre-engineered for optimal relief.

As a result, heavy steel truss rods are not required and action. Can be set low for fast, buzz-free playing.

RainSong necks will never twist, warp, bow, or need any adjustment whatsoever. The inherent strength and stability of graphite results in a guitar that can survive travel and changes in the environment. RainSong uses the same technology in bonding its bridges and necks that is used in making planes, rockets, and satellite equipment. Of any wood glue or off-the-shelf epoxy, the RainSong high-tech materials and techniques combine for a smoother passage of energy from string to soundboard.

For greater detail, a broader dynamic range, and cleaner tone. RainSong believes that graphite is not something to cover up. That's why RainSongs are finished clear, to expose all the shimmering 3-dimensional beauty. And distinction of graphite's weave.

RainSong has developed the best possible finish for protection and appearance without dampening sound. Layer of clear UV protective finish is applied, sanded and buffed until only the thinnest mirrored surface remains.

A carefully bookmatched back of graphite. Weave, perfectly inlayed custom shark fret-markers and logo give RainSong a striking and refined look.

Top-of-the-line hardware balances the composition in cool chrome. Electronics are not an afterthought at RainSong; they are an integral and important part of the RainSong experience.

Because graphite is a natural enhancer. Of electrical energy, the all-graphite construction of RainSong works wonders with pickups.

Plug a RainSong in and the world stands on its head; all the. Subtle richness of the classic carbon sound is amplified into a unique bloom of harmonics and tone. All fret jobs and setups are done individually by expert luthiers at RainSong's Woodinville factory. The frets are top quality nickel alloy for minimal. And, because RainSong necks are so stable, action can be exceptionally low for easy and comfortable playing.

RainSong warrants its guitars to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the ownership life of the original purchaser, subject to limitations. All-graphite soundboard with no bracing and Projection Tuned Layering. Single-piece all-graphite neck and epoxy fingerboard without truss rod. Custom mother of pearl sharks and RainSong logo inlays. Chromeplated Gotoh tuners with 1:18 gear ratio.

Abalone inlaid Tusq bridge pins. UV protective, high-gloss, clear urethane finish. Neck width at nut: 1.75.

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  • Size: full size
  • String Configuration: 6 string
  • Features: This is an amazing instrument but I have my eye o
  • Handedness: right handed
  • Body Material: graphite
  • Brand: RainSong
  • Body Type: Dreadnought

USA Rainsong DR1000 graphite dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar with hsc